Our Teachers

Dr.Thitaree Chaiyasate (RYT500)

Thitaree Chaiyasate is a former university lecturer, Ed.,D in Curriculum and Instruction, Thai by nationality, citizen of the world by spirit! Her passion and dedication of yoga teaching has been mentioned by all the yogis meeting her on and off the mat. Graduated from Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga Elements, Bangkok, in 2014, Ashtanga-Hatha Yoga Teacher Training from AnandaYoga Shala, Rishikesh, in 2016 and 300-Hour Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training from Sarvaguna Yoga-Meditation Training and Research Academy in 2017, teaching vinyasa sequencing design, Yoga philosophy, yoga nidra and chakra meditation for Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand and Rishikesh, India, she has tremendously believed that meditation is truly the key to inner self exploration by which as a yoga teacher, we all have to take yoga teaching into the state where the practictioner can feel the "oneness" within. 

Master Anup Gupta 

Anup Gupta was born in 1982, started yoga when he was a in his childhood living in Rishikesh at Sivannada Ashram. In 1999 he turned himself into yoga path journey learning from Sri Upendra Ji who is his best friend and his first teacher. After that he traveled all over Himalaya to learn with different yoga masters. After the traveling, he has found clearly that his passion are Hatha Alignment, Arts of Adjustment, and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Well known in his area of expertise and uplifted positive energy, he accepted invitations to teach in Russia in 2010, then 2011 in China and Thailand, 2012 Kazaksthan, and since then every year in Japan and Thailand. His philosophy is "Yoga is for learning not for doing."

Shri Parveen Nair

Shri Parveen Nair is a uniquely inspiring teacher. He is best known for his ability to help students and teachers embody a spiritual practice in Yoga. He has refined his methods of teaching in the Advaita Vedanta school of thought. His non-dualistic approach towards Yoga has allowed his students to build an authentic Yoga practice. Parveen’s passion for Iyengar yoga developed after he came across Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar’s most acclaimed yoga book, “The Light on Yoga“. He was drawn towards the emphasis in precision and alignment as well as the teachings of the Yoga Sutras. His years of practice and teaching reflect his commitment towards Yoga. Parveen has spent many of his years studying underKarin O’Bannon a Senior Iyengar Yoga teacher and later in Pune under the guidance of Guru BKS Iyengar and his family. Later obtaining his certification in Iyengar yoga, Parveen founded SwarupaIyengar Yoga Studio and Yoga Sadhana in Malaysia and had natured many to the path of Yoga.Parveen Nair is now teaching in Rishikesh the Yoga capital. Parveen Nair shares is passion for Yoga in with a daily drop in class at Nada yoga School in Ram Jhula. Parveen is also known for his successful Yoga Self discovery retreats in India. He has the ability to weave in the physical and subtle aspect of the subject Yoga by taking topics from Vedanta to reflect in his retreat programs, encouraging participants to build a daily practice of Yoga and Meditation with the right understanding.    

His innate interest in Self-realisation has made him a devoted student of Advaita Vedanta philosophy. Parveen is inspired by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharishi and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaja.

Parveen takes a simple, direct, fun and sublime approach towards yoga. As he would say, change in action is not spirituality but change in attitude is.

Fernando Diaz (RYT500)

Fernando Diaz is an spanish physical therapist, osteophat, pilates instructor, PT and Yoga teacher. He started dancing ballet when he was 14 years old, passing through contemporary, jazz or flamenco. During the last decaded he has dedicated his life to Yoga. At the moment he lives in India where he teachs Anatomy and Vinyasa to TTC students. Watsu, Thai massage or Reiki are other technics that he use with his pacients and students. He is developing an specific technic to protect, strengthen and recover/restore/heal Yogi's bodies.

About his Vinyasa Flow style of teaching;Beside his academic studies, Fernando has danced for many years, practicing several types of contemporary dance styles, Cuningam, Graham, Limon. During his 20's he attend to acting school where he worked for 2 years with Lecoq School(mimo), 2 years of Alexander and and Feldenkries and worked with many teachers and coreographers. This backgroung add to his studies in university, give Fernando a vast knowledge about the body and the psycologhy of different people. He teachs them to flow not only during the asanas but in their own lifes. He builds from each person's breathing a unique and free flow; focusing in the awarness, the presence and the stillnes of the mind, that takes each individual to a physical experience that brings the students's body to the next level.  

Areenuch Sornwaneeyarak

Areenuch is a full-time veterinarian, her major is soft tissue surgery. She discovered yoga nearly 7 years ago for its therapeutic benefits to reduced her chronic backpain and recognized that could get rid of it permanently.Beside, yoga could help her feeling energized andrelaxed. From that point, she want to learn more about yoga, because she realize that will become important component to pursuing wellness and painfree living. Areenuch decided to take a step further to become a yoga instructor in 2014, she get her 200hr yoga teacher training from Yoga Elements studio, Bangkok, Thailand. She is interested in yoga anatomy, that make her class is concerning about anatomic precision and allow student to practice yoga with fun and safe.  In 2016, she continued her passionate in yoga anatomy by being yoga anatomy RYT certified instructor at Ananda Yoveda Shala Chaingrai Thailand, in 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training by Anup Gupta. Areenuch is committed to giving attention to every student and guiding them expand their understanding about yoga anatomy and can pass the knowledge to their future students. She regularly teaches,Vinyasa and therapeutic yoga for elder geriatric.

Kae Watcharin Puengprom (Thailand) 

- E – RYT 200, RYT500 , Diploma of Yoga Therapy, Massage Therapy Certification De Anza College USA, The owner of Sen Thai Stretch Center  Bangkok.

Start Learning Thai Massage since 2009 from Wat Po, Thailand and She traveled to California USA, and got a certification of Massage Theyrapy from De Anza College California and been working in Thai Massage Center for many years.

After that she moved back to Thailand and start working as a Thai Massage Teacher at Thai massage and spa academy. After she quitted her Job she starting her journey to India and learning Yoga from many school of Yoga Shala and she combined Thai Massage and Yoga poses together in the form of Thai Yoga Energy Healing and now she have two Yoga Wellness Studio in Bangkok also Thai Yoga Energy Healing Course all over the world

Thai Yoga massage focus on dynamic bodywork therapy based upon Thai yoga and Ayurveda practices, in which recipient’s postures resemble yoga stances. These include gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compression.  Thai yoga and Indian yoga (Asana) styles are also used to open the joints and relieve tension of the muscle without creating any resistance, which facilitates the flow of life energy (Prana flow. These ingenious techniques are efficient training for those who interested in or who want to fulfill their knowledge.